TW: Rape, True Blood Hate, Bill Compton

Alexia, I hope you’re ready for this…

It isn’t pretty. 

Sending an ask because… I wanna know your thoughts on True Blood! (which is def. not award material) ;)

I hate TB. Absolutely hate it. LOATHE ENTIRELY.

-I used to love it, I wouldn’t have committed so much time to supporting if it I didn’t it, (as I help run the forum and the blog over at Sookieverseblog). And you know, I was REALLY REALLY into it, I have my  Skarsgraph on my wall, and I bought extra fap copies of Skars/Eric on Entertainment Weekly, et al. I was the person who bought the limited edition S3 of TB (with an Eric cover) DVD set from Target in both HD and SD. Mostly on accident, but still, I didn’t return it.

 Because, you know, popcorn for smart people, RIIIIIGHT?

But now I only have scars. Skars. 

No, no, like real emotional scars.

They are layered and they are many.  

So here is my history of hatred of True Blood. LOL.

Brace yourselves….  

Where it all went wrong: Alan Ball’s obsession with Bill Compton. It makes D & D’s character bias look timid IMO. But it really did upend the entire story and my enjoyment of it, and because of Ball’s Bill obsession all the other character are completely unrecognizable from their book counterparts. Now I can’t even watch True Blood casually and disinterestedly. 

While it bothered me much less back in the day, the Bill Bias was noticeable in S1 and S2, mostly in how much screen time Eric wasn’t getting and how much White Knighting Bill was getting. (Of course in the books, Book!Eric IS NO SAINT and yet he’s the romantic hero (or shall we say anti-hero), and will be the HEA for Sookie in Book 13 next year, there’s no doubt in my mind. - Book!Bill on the other hand is a gawdsdamn rapist creep.



Never mind Sookie who is the main fucking character in the books, let’s make a show that revolves around Beehl Compton. 

ETA: And just to add some stats to the travesty (this graphic belongs to one of my friends)… LOOK AT THAT RED LINE. THAT IS ERIC’S IMPORTANCE IN THE BOOKS. IT’S HUGE. 


Bill’s blue line is fucking  minuscule. 

But going into S3, even though I was an avid fan of the books, I was even bit more prone to liking the show over the books at that time, it was fun in what they changed (like keeping Lafayette alive, ect), and they did account for the real lack of diversity in the books with making Tara an AfricanAmerican, and the books my regard for the show changed when the writing just completely threw off its attempts at masking the BeehlBias and annihilated the idea this show was based on “the spirit of the books” as well as certain particular plot points. 

Major Complaint Number 1: Fucking Sookie.

Like… Sookie being the main focus was no longer there (if it ever was), and her use of telepathy -and the alienation that accompanied it, - disappear from the narrative when ever and where ever. Like, Alcide has to shout “RUN” at her in a  club of Weres who are obviously about to shift? The fuck? She can’t just read it from his and all the other fucking Weres thoughts around her?? -when in a previous episode they pointedly demonstrated she can hear him loud and clear. And they also made her an ‘alien fairy’ with glowy hands of fail, used only when convenient, instead of following her struggle to fit into the supernatural society where she gets recognized for her unique talents and bravery. Like in Club Dead when she takes a stake for a vampire because she was able to hear the Fellowship of the Sun guy starting to attack and even though she didn’t know the vamp, but she does the right thing. BECAUSE THAT’S WHO SHE IS. 

Now she’s just a delicious motherfuckering snack. TASTY.

And really what they’ve done to Sookie is reduce her to a dumb country bitch with a magical snatch, as the show itself has called her often.

Fucking Sookie.

Major Complaint Number 2:  Beehl Compton. 

He is really the main character and the plots are forced and set up around him, his arc is always the most central, the most important, the one the most attention is given towards, … This show is all about HIS mainpain, and HIS feelings. This ain’t about Sookie. This is about BEEHL. 

I just can’t rant about Bill enough. 

Major Complaint Number 3.) Forced Triangle Ballshit

Sookie’s encounters with Eric were sidelined and minimized to the point of ridiculousness. -Most booklovers could understand the delay up to S2 as their relationship needed time to set up, and the dreams in S2 were a nice substitute for the kiss in the second book, yet even some book lovers abandoned TB after S2 because they couldn’t take this path. And I don’t think anyone liked Eric’s lack of screentime, but I WAS VERY PATIENT. Until in the third season, as basically everyone expected this to change.

… and then the season opens with Eric banging some other chick… Okay, so, they’re letting Sookie see him with someone else to get the sense of his sexuality, okay,.. but there will be the blue boxer scene, oh yes! as they get to third base in the 3rd book. AND YET they don’t even have their first real kiss until late in the 3rd season, like the 9th episode.- ONLY AFTER Bill has drained her dry to the point of hospitalization. 

 … [Haha, remember that?


(And just in case anyone forgot, his reaction to draining Sookie? Damn. Like.. my sun screen don’t friggin work type damn. DAMN. Damn. Dayum. NOT I JUST NEARLY FUCKING KILLED MY GF HOLY FUCK FUCK ME.

But oh look Imma steaming. Damn].  

…ALSO Sookie ONLY kisses Eric AFTER she has had VERY STRANGE HATE SEX with BEEHL. 

Eric is a mere after thought, really.

Major Complaint Number 4.) The Soul Mates Debacle

 … Somewhere in the middle of S3, at the TB Comic Con 2010 panel Alan Ball declares Sookie and Bill are “soul mates.”

-Which absolutely put the Ericlover fandom in a state of riot, because NO. 


Just no. 

N. O.

This is Bill’s soul mate here. 

-The books are first and foremost about Sookie’s character growth. But Sookie and Eric’s relationship is the freaking trademark. IT’S THEIR LOVE STORY.

So, no, Ball. FUCK YOU.

 Never getting over it, never. 

At the end of S3: The Ratt Reveal

They also took out Bill’s rape and inserted the Rattray Reveal, at the end of S3, which looked like a victory for Eric-fans,*.. because maybe no one wanted to see Sookie get raped on TV, I didn’t really, and THIS WAS GOING TO BE EVEN BETTER. It was a potential bomb in the garden unexploded by Harris, Bill had her beaten ORDERED HER TO BE BEATEN so he could seduce her more easily and omg brilliant ending it’s all Eric from here on out, baby! 

*and yes this is despite the freaky BeehlSookeh hate sex and despite the soul mates comment, and despite Eric’s minimization. Because yeah, all the Beehllovers were swearing off the show in droves and it was our turn now! 

*(not that there really were many people on Teem Beehl to begin with). 

And then S4 happened. 


-As one of the more noteworthy books in the series for what it represents longterm, (although plenty of people just like it for the Eric and Sookie sex scenes too, lol), the 4th season as an adaption of Dead to the World was the Big Ticket. THIS WAS IT. 

The holy motherfucking grail.

The show knew this. 

The show absolutely knew how Bookreaders felt about this book. They even released one of the -most- recognizable book scenes as THE VERY FIRST PROMO for S4, that of Sookie finding AmnesiaEric on a dirt road. 

They targeted us, reeled us in, and we showed up. 

What we received? More Bill propping, he’s the Queen of Lousiana now, bitches! 

And that Rattray Reveal?




And like that wasn’t enough, they had Sookie APOLOGIZE to BEEHL for turning him down at the end of S4. EVEN THOUGH… he had her beaten within an inch of her life and tried to kill Eric MULTIPLE TIMES.





Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Baaaaalll. 

Also, they completely UTTERLY missed the point of Amnesia!Eric, that he allows Sookie to see another side of Eric that he doesn’t normally show, not his ‘sensitive side’ exactly, but that he’s not all Viking Vampire God and that he does recognize and prioritize her qualities, her strength and bravery, and willingness to help him despite what their relations were like before, ect. This also gives Sookie a leg up in coming to terms with the often overpowering concept of dating a 1000 year old vamp, as she knows something Eric-Post-Amnesia doesn’t. BUT THE SHOW IS DUMB. And so they have Eric remember EVERYTHING.


By the end of S4, the bulk of the remaining books have been rendered meaningless, even though we bookreaders were sold the “spirit of the books” from the get go. Unfortunately we got something else. And as this show is so clearly not the books, glory be that Charlaine Harris can still manage to consciously allow herself to draw a paycheck from this perturbation since it derailed so far off script. Bless her.

So Ball has fucked our books up, decides to put absolute garbage in its place, AND NOT TO MENTION… they had TERRIBLE TERRIBLE dialogue in S4. Omg, it was putrid. But even stuff that isn’t even ‘shipping related’ like the witch war which was so SO SO DUMB, Marnie just GTFO and take Antonia with you, and it was all done over because Ball thought could do it better than Harris with more focus on Beehl? The absolute fuck? 

Enough manipulation, enough Beehl propaganda, enough of forcing me to even pay attention to creepyass Beehl Compton, enough of the shit.

Fuck you, Alan Ball. Fuck you, Bill Compton. Fuck you, True Blood. 

And yeah, let me just re-emphasize, there are enough problems with True Blood beyond this Beehlshit, the majority of the problems begin and end with the writing, as well as Alan Ball’s stamp on the series.

Like Tara running around screaming for 3 seasons instead of being a cool and competent and SMART character like in S1. She has been written for so, so poorly since. 

Like this damn show has some real issues with it’s portrayal of women across the freaking board.

Like never killing off a main character, -which may have had an emotional impact and helped the story,- rather than clog it up with useless storylines  that go nowhere.



And then there is this below..This next ‘gem’ should seal the deal that Alan Ball is the absolute fucking worst. DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING. DISGUSTING.

Listen to him and (the director of the epi) talk about Jason’s rape in S4 around the 1 minute mark.

David Petrarca literally says Jason gets his COMEUPPANCE. 

Alan Ball then chuckles as he describes Jason’s rape… YES HE CHUCKLES. “HAHAHA” TYPE CHUCKLE.

Here’s the quote: 

…  “a guy who gets his sense of worth from his sexual prowess to being a guy KIND OF objectified and SORT OF -HAHAHAHA- used.. against his will.”… 

 Because if you are sexually active, you deserve karmic retribution of being gang raped….  I MEAN, NOT GANG RAPED BUT “KIND OF OBJECTIFIED” AND “SORT OF USED” AGAINST YOUR WILL. 

Kind of.

Sort of.


 THIS IS THE SHOWRUNNER, EP, AND WRITER FOR TRUE BLOOD. In his own words. On an Inside the Episode video.



As for S5, I watched the 1st episode in entirety, I’ve read the threads at SVB, and watched gifs here on Tumblr, and for select episodes, some of the Eric scenes. 

I do like Nora FWIW, most people don’t seem to. 

Though I might catch up soon just so I know what my peeps are talking about in my forum, rather a slack mod right now, lol…. I just cannot bring myself to care much about what happens on TB anymore. It’s not my show, and I save my time and energy for the Sookie books as well as ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, and just other shit in general. 


But I hate True Blood like you wouldn’t believe. 

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