headtrip-honey said: omg i have to know - did you see me on the WORG? Who were you? Or was it LJ? Oh crap I’m terrible with remembering things. AND YOU ARE CRAFTY AND I LOVE IT.

Oh it was the Worg. :) 

I did a massive amount of reading over there post my 1st read, and then I haven’t been back since before S1ish. I posted on there only minimally, maybe like 3 times total, maybe. It was just too weird to play by someone else’s rules. Shrug. So I was just a sleeper, mostly.

i am CALCIFER FROM HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE TSK TSKthegrassthathidesthevip… also why would i hate you for not liking a book xD

Oh now I feel silly. XD I haven’t seen Howl’s, but I worshipped Mononoke and Spirited Away. See, i told you, soul mates. XD  

Oh I don’t know. .. People hate me for less! Hahaha! 

Not #6 or #4. I’d say #1 and #2.

Hmm, yeah #2 seems to be the most attainable right now. >_>

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