I hope this is rational but,… I’m grumpy, so… it is what it is. 

And I’ve the grumps as I’m annoyed at -not a single expression- but a mentality I’ve come across in this fandom as well as previous shipping focused fandoms and it is a mentality which I do not think is cute. At all. That is, wishing for characters in a shipping pair “to go have babies” translating into a happily-ever-after scenario.

Is it a well meaning sentiment? Probably, but I think ultimately it is very harmful. For one, it permeates the idea that in our world happiness for a couple includes children. Some people in this world don’t want children or can’t have children, and associating HEAs with ~BABIES~ just reinforces those people who don’t fit the criteria don’t get HEAs because the ONLY HEA is the ‘traditional’ man + woman + babies HEA. 

But there is a particular case in this fandom that I particularly object to: that of Jaime and Brienne and babies. 


 Brienne, who has shaped herself around acceptance as a swordswoman  but particularly as a knight of the Seven Kingdoms, should abandon her identity and her life goals in order to give birth and subsequently raise a family with Jaime Lannister? 

She should throw everything she’s struggled to achieve in Sextist As Shit Westeros,  BECAUSE JAIME’S BABIES YES GOOD? 

This isn’t about shipping either, FFS I ship it, this is about understanding the characters, and wishing for Brienne to go have Jaime’s babies runs counter to everything that is set up in her story. Everything. Brienne does not want the traditional feminine lifestyle of a woman in Westeros. Since before her entrance in A Clash of Kings she has tried to break out of the societal role that Westeros has deemed fit for her simply because she was born a woman with child bearing parts and she has tried to break into a male role, that of knighthood. So when you say you want her to have Jaime’s babies no matter how innocently you mean to express your shipping feels you are putting her right back in her prescribed place. Does she ever inform us the readers she wants to go back to being a lady and have babies? 

Brienne. wants. to. be. a knight. 

… Or I guess she can hold the 2.5 kids on her hip with non-sword arm while she’s fighting? And don’t give me the Sand Snakes or even Maege Mormont, a fighter and a mother, but she is not a knight. She’s in the business, but she ain’t a CEO. - Fuck, shit, no, REGARDLESS IF BRIENNE COULD FUNCTION as a mom and a knight, this about her not wanting that life. Why would we want something for her she doesn’t want? End point. Period. Over. 

Not to mention how about let’s just hope both Jaime and Brienne survive the fucking thing?

*le sigh.*

… Could we just not wish babies for Brienne?? How about a childless HEA where they -both- get to do what they want to do, which is kill the shit out of people as badass knights? HOW ABOUT THAT?

I swear, this is the legacy of Twilight on shipping culture striking again.  Whatthefuckever.

Serena, out. 

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    OMFG this was the most epic smackdown I’ve seen in AGES. AMAZING.
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    This was a glorious smack down tbh!
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    I never said non-mothers are people and mothers aren’t? That’s a giant ludicrous stretch, even for you. Just making...
  10. professional-widow said: What really bugs me is that it’s always “traditional marriage+babies=HAPPY ENDING!” especially with asoiaf ships. Because I don’t care how great the dude is, Westerosi marriages objectively SUCK for women. But it’s such a prevalent HEA for every ship
  11. nymeriastark said: as a woman who doesn’t want children, I shudder whenever I see “marriage and babies” wished on a couple (or even just a person) that doesn’t explicitly want such. ugh
  12. nerdacious said: Thank you! I’m all for Sansa and Sandor babies because I think Sansa wants to be a mother, but no Brienne babies! I perfectly understand this anger because I myself don’t want children (got divorced because of it) so seeing HEA = babies enrages me.