I believe she’s 29. I think those promo pics of her as Morgana in furs and snow around her had a lot to do with it, she has the look. I wouldn’t mind her. I like Bridget Regan as Lyanna too and she’s 30. They’ve aged everyone else up so….

Oh yeah she does have the look, and the convenient pics, lol. I definitely see her as an older Lyanna and for fancasts it is all just a personal preference, but.. IDK. I would think more people would think of her as a younger person than not.  IDK. Shrug. 

For the record, this is my choice: 

Phoebe Tonkin. She’s 23 and well.. I think damn sexy omg. I can’t. XD

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  1. iorwen said: oh I don’t know her, I never saw the Secret Circle. When I first looked at the pic I thought she’d make a great Jeyne Westerling if they had chosen to go there. It is a personal preference you’re right, I find it all fun though to see people’s ideas.
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