Yeah, he’s too short for my preferences. Ngl, I’m a bit height-ist. Gotta be 5’10” to take this ride!

Headtrip, it’s too early for rhymes. DDDD:

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But seriously, isn’t it awesome sauce how Sophie related Sansa’s learning experience DIRECTLY TO NED? Girl gets it.

Yes, it is!


She’s amazing in how much she understands Sansa, but then again I’m not that surprised? Sophie’s shown a high emotional intelligence on the show, and Sansa’s not a hard character to relate to when you’re a woman and she’s even close to that age. But I do think she’s amongst the top handful of actors in the show who get their characters as they were written in the books. And that’s not to slam the vast majority of the cast, since they are pretty good, but in having a feel for the character and demonstrating their knowledge of their character, and being able to defend that character from their POV, yes she’s amongst the best. MAKES YOU WONDER IF SHE’S ONE OF US HERE ON TUMBLR. Makes me wonder how much she’s probably read your comments at the Worg in particular. 

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I don’t think it’s so hard as much as it they don’t choose to do it. lol. 

Oh how funny, my OTP is Sansa x any canonical scene. XD


Yeah, it sucks that they see and treat her as a hater would, even if B & W profess not to, they don’t prioritize those elements that make her a great character in the books. 

Honestly, I am set just to expect disappointment with Sansa’s ASOS storyline being translated accurately on the show, and I look forward to Sophie trying to pull a rabbit of a hat. 

Btw, I hate to upset people with doom and gloom and all, but I don’t know how anyone has any faith in these showrunners left where it concerns Sansa. And Catelyn. And other things. Ugh. 


Yeah, naturally I would too. BUT THIS SHOW THO. THIS SHOW!!!! I can totes see them putting the PW in episodes 6/7, and then yeah Oberyn in 9 with Tyrion’s escape in 10. 

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"Great art should be subservient to nothing!!!!!!!!"


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Hmm,… interesting that uguise think it could be both, I mean, sure, it could be both, but the more I think about the less I think it is.

Or at least, IMO if 305 does contain Jon x Ygritte, it’s not the Lord’s Kiss scene since I think that would be too early. It seems most shows place their romantic sex scenes in the 6th episode of a season (or later), and even though Game of Thrones is 2 episodes shorter than most, I think it still stands in this case since they probably don’t want to (rhetorically speaking) blow their load too early. Also it could  be the case that Jon x Ygritte swap spit as a cliffy and then lead into the Lord’s scene as it opens 306.

And the fact that everyone would think it refers to Ygritte, I think it does refer more or less to Sandor x Beric exclusively.


LOL @winter-has-come, I bet they’ll jump straight to “Where Do Whores Go?” -Who needs context? XD

(And sorry, Winter-has-come, your other reply got flushed out before I could screenshot it).

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headtripxhoney asked: Gwen is 6'3", fyi ;-) personally I think Sophie is around 6' now.

Thanks, doll. :P

But yeah, Sophie’s not giving up that much. Amazing how much she’s grown in like a year or two. 

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One more post on this topic, and then I have work to do…. 

You know why I became a Sansa stan? My fondness of her was there while reading the books the first time through, I have always loved her as a character, I didn’t cotton on to her after ACOK and once she’s ‘schooled’ like some people do, but I wasn’t obsessssssed with Sansa until after I read the books and read the Worg, specifically the posts of my fellow fans and now friends (Aleciamariana, Headtrip Honey, amongst others)… So I’d say my enjoyment of the series, while it was great to read the first time, has only increased on this side of my original read, and that is large in part due to reading other people’s opinions on the subject.

Those individual ZOMG ‘spoilery’ events are only good for one go round. Sure, you can take the ride again, but you already know just how big a dip the roller coaster has and where that dip is.  

Point is, while people are entitled to their freak outs as they discover the story, the events that transpire are fairly dramatic not to mention traumatic, trying to discourage others from posting about plot points from the books in the ASOIAF related tags is only detrimental to the people doing the discouraging themselves, they just don’t know it yet. 

Plot is just really not that big a deal in the long run. Trust.

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Yeah seriously right. There’s so much wrong going on with how they treat her clothing. I  will go over it in excessive detail soon enough. Like EXCRUCIATINGLY EXCESSIVE. LOL. 

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headtrip-honey said: It’s also possible that GRRM was just running out of names and named background characters after already existing figures…. ;)

nobodysuspectsthebutterfly said: Arianne could just be a popular name. (Not as popular as Jeyne, but common enough.) The Tarths are Stormlanders, and thus would not likely be honoring Dornish at all. Also, IIRC there was an Alysanne among Margaery’s ladies. Just general noble names.

Oh yes, it could be a random/popular name. But I don’t think Martin didn’t think about it with some effort, all because Galladon seems to be a custom fit.

'Galladon' is only ever mentioned in Feast, (according to my Kindle search function it is for a grand total of 6 name mentions, lol). All the mentions are in Brienne’s chapters to boot, and ‘Galladon’ holds twofold significance for her, both as a legendary knight with a legendary sword with all that Just Maid business (which is some prime trolling of the Jaime x Brienne fans by GRRM, lol) and as an elder brother of Brienne’s who drowned. 

Meanwhile ‘Alysanne’ has similar properties, famous person who potentially has some correlation to Brienne’s makeup, it’s a weaker correlation, but it could be made I think. And she could have been an influence on Brienne growing up, since ‘Alysanne’ does have a song written about herself and again as a lost sibling. 

So, I think we could say that “Arianne” just doesn’t fall into the pattern, if there is one. Is all. >.<

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headtrip-honey said: It’s possible? If so, I’m assuming she must have been born shortly after Arianne Martell, since AM is in her early twenties, Brienne is about 18, and A of T is older than her. Maybe named in honor of the Prince of Dorne’s heir? Or something?

Yeah,  it seems like the easiest answer. 

I mention it because Galladon and Alysanne seem to have relevance to aspects of Brienne’s disposition that she has absorbed, Arianne doesn’t really? It’s almost like a throw-in for misdirection purposes IMO. I mean, there is the father-daughter aspect of the Martells’ relationship that could relate back to Brienne and Selwyn from our POV, but that’s not something Brienne would really get, is it?

Hmm,… *just thinking out loud*

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