thegrassthathidestheviper said: if they cast him after sending out a “NO CAUCASIANS PLZ” casting call i would throw things at nina gold and d&d forever and ew he is not even all that cute daario needs to be the ultimate handsome plzthx

IKR. It’s a headscratcher if they go against their own CC, but there is room to panic that they’ll ignore that and in this case IMO the Daddy Irons thing has to kick in for this kid sometime. Ultimate handsome is definitely required, yesssssss. I wish they’d just cast him already so we’d just know..  there’s a lot they need to adjust in terms of eyecandy for the female audience as well as diversity on the show, and they could help themselves out of the hole a bit by casting the right Daario. Though I bet they won’t and he’ll be some milquetoast like this. *roll*

nerdacious said: “he has really stupid hair” Same as Daario! It’s perfect! =P

Doesn’t look like his hair has the swagger to me, nup. >_> 

theloupgaroux said: but hbo casts people who can act, and he’s tied up in the Host franchise

LOL. So far they have but JUST WAIT LOUPY. I feel they’ve been very lucky in that regard, and there have been no major casting gaffes*, though one of these days they will cast someone who can’t act to save their life. I think it’s just a matter of time.

Every show has to have their Alcide. XD

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headtrip-honey said: omg i have to know - did you see me on the WORG? Who were you? Or was it LJ? Oh crap I’m terrible with remembering things. AND YOU ARE CRAFTY AND I LOVE IT.

Oh it was the Worg. :) 

I did a massive amount of reading over there post my 1st read, and then I haven’t been back since before S1ish. I posted on there only minimally, maybe like 3 times total, maybe. It was just too weird to play by someone else’s rules. Shrug. So I was just a sleeper, mostly.

i am CALCIFER FROM HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE TSK TSKthegrassthathidesthevip… also why would i hate you for not liking a book xD

Oh now I feel silly. XD I haven’t seen Howl’s, but I worshipped Mononoke and Spirited Away. See, i told you, soul mates. XD  

Oh I don’t know. .. People hate me for less! Hahaha! 

Not #6 or #4. I’d say #1 and #2.

Hmm, yeah #2 seems to be the most attainable right now. >_>

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